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Your favourite Biscuit… but not as you know it

15 April 2015

To celebrate 150 years of baking, this April we’re turning some of our most iconic biscuits on their head. Introducing Twisted Faves – your favourite biscuit, with a modern twist.

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The Shapes you love, only way more EXTREME

20 February 2015

Arnott’s Shapes have kicked things up a notch with the launch of limited edition Shapes Extreme. Extreme is a range of bold, intense, in-your-face flavours, made on a biscuit base which delivers more crunch!

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Tim Tam by Adriano Zumbo

5 February 2015

This Valentine’s Day, Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit and Australia’s foremost patissier, collaborate to create a new range of delicious Tim Tam biscuits.

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Love Your Grains with Arnott’s Vita-Weat range

21 August 2014

With summer upon us it’s the perfect time to think about whole grains in your diet. Why? Because studies show that eating whole grains can have a whole host of benefits including: assisting in weight loss, concentration, alertness and energy.

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Tim Tam celebrates 50 extraordinary years

3 March 2014

Selling over 45 million packs each year thanks to a unique combination of biscuit, cream and chocolate, Arnott’s Tim Tam, Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit, begins celebrations for its 50th anniversary.

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BISCUIT or CHOCOLATE? Fans to decide

3 December 2013

The biggest innovation in the history of Tim Tam – NEW! Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites will hit stores across the nation next week. The question on everyone’s lips is: “Are Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites in fact a biscuit or a chocolate?” Tim Tam is asking FANS to decide!

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