Australia’s favourite cracker range just got more flavour

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Tame hunger with more flavourful Shapes

APRIL 2016 – Since launching in the 1970s, Arnott’s Shapes have been one of Australia’s favourite biscuit snacks. The iconic boxes have been a staple in Aussie pantries for generations, the go-to for after school snacking, lunchbox hunger taming and family crowd-pleasing.

Now Arnott’s is excited to announce we’re delivering more of what you love about Shapes – flavour!

Thousands of Australians have asked for it, and Arnott’s has answered the call! Listening to the demand for more flavour with our new range, and now sprinkling seasoning on both sides of the biscuit and baking it into the centre, giving a flavour hit like never before.

To achieve this, Arnott’s bakers have tweaked some of the recipes to bring the range into 2016 and cater to changing taste preferences for bolder and stronger flavours. Not only have we added more flavour than ever before, across some of the range, we’ve also made the flavour particles smaller to help them stick to the biscuit better.

New Shapes have been tested and trialed extensively by committed Shapes fans who have told us we’ve created the most flavourful Shapes ever!

New Shapes also deliver improved Health Star Ratings so your baked not fried biscuit just got more permissible!

  • Over 74M Shapes boxes are eaten each year^
  • 1 in 2 Australian households have Shapes in their homes*
  • Shapes BBQ is the #1 selling savoury snack with 16M boxes eaten each year^
  • Arnott’s makes 25 million Shapes biscuits per day!

New range:

Barbecue 175g 300 x 240Shapes Barbecue  3-star Health Star Rating

Mild sweet tomato tang followed by rich tomato, moderate onion/garlic savoury notes and mild herb/spiciness which finishes with mild smokiness and a lingering tomato tang.

Pizza 190g 300 x 240Shapes Pizza  2.5-star Health Star Rating (made using real cheese)

Moderate savoury & tangy tomato, moderate tomato paste, mild cheese & pizza crust notes and finishes with moderate oregano/herb and a lingering mild creamy cheese.

Cheddar 175g 300 x 240Shapes Cheddar  2-star Health Star Rating (made using real cheese)

Moderate salty & savoury melted and toasted cheese notes which finishes with a mild creamy cheese/dairy note that lingers.

Cheese and Bacon 180g 300 x 240Shapes Cheese & Bacon   2-star Health Star Rating (made using real cheese)

Moderate salty & smoky bacon, savoury sweet garlic and a mild salty bacon & creamy cheese that lingers.

Nacho Cheese 160g 300 x 240Shapes Nacho Cheese  2.5-star Health Star Rating (made using real cheese)

Moderate tomato salsa & nacho spice, savoury cooked onion/garlic, mild tomato tang and finished with a mild sweet & creamy cheese that lingers.

Roast Chicken 165g 300 x 240Shapes Roast Chicken  2-star Health Star Rating


Moderate salty roast chicken, moderate chicken stuffing, savoury/umami and mild lemon, chicken and herb notes linger.

Hot Dog 190g 300 x 240Shapes Hot Dog  2.5-star Health Star Rating

Limited Edition NEW FLAVOUR! Exclusive to Coles

Mild sweet tomato tang, mild frankfurt, moderate vinegar, mustard and sweet balance.

The ones you know and love which remain unchanged:

 BBQ Original         Chicken Crimpy        Savoury    

Shapes Original Barbecue                Shapes Chicken Crimpy                      Shapes Savoury

“Having baked biscuits for Australians for more than 150 years, Arnott’s loves receiving feedback from our consumers and takes their opinions seriously.  For some time our consumers have been telling us they want more flavour in Shapes.  To deliver this, our expert bakers have created a new recipe and baking method that has been tested and trialled extensively.  We look forward to delivering Shapes with more flavour to supermarket shelves from early 2016,” says Nicky Thomson, Arnott’s Communications Manager.