Guide to Health Star Ratings

What does the Health Star Rating mean?

The Health Star Rating (HSR) or Stars is a guide on the front of a food label to help consumers understand the nutrition content of a food at-a-glance, and to make informed healthier food choices.



The Stars rating is from ½ a star up to 5 stars. The more stars a product has, the more nutritious it is. Along with the star rating, the icon shows how many kilojoules are in the product per 100g, per 100ml, or per pack.




HealthStar2._187w.v1There can be variations on the above, with more nutrient icons for saturated fat, sugars and sodium per 100g, per 100ml, or per pack and sometimes an extra positive nutrient icon is shown, such as fibre, protein or calcium.


How is the HSR calculated?

The HSR of a product is determined using a specific calculation based on the amount of energy, saturated fat, total sugars, sodium, protein and fibre in a product, along with values for the fruit, vegetable, nuts and legumes content found within the product.