Open Something Real

In a time where we’re more closed-off, disconnected and distant from one another, we wanted to remind Australians what real connection is.

So we did an experiment.

We brought people together to read their texts to each other. Then we surprised them by asking them to make a real connection.

The results were funny, awkward, heart-warming and goosebump-y. But undeniably real. Please watch and share.


Scotch Finger


Every day, we text more than we talk to each other. Is it any substitute for real one-on one time?

Tim Tam


Seems like there’s a million ways to message your mates these days. Does it beat some real bonding time?



The way we have conversations with each other is changing. But are group chats better than getting together?



Texting, messaging, emojing – it’s how we connect. When it comes to your mates though, is it better than hanging out?