Inside my Jatz and Savoy

Key Ingredients

Image 7 WheatWheat Flour

Jatz and Savoy are made with flour milled from wheat sourced across Australia, including the Darling Downs, Liverpool Plains, the Riverina and South Australia.

image 13 canola oilVegetable Oil

We use a blend of locally grown, non-genetically modified canola oil, together with 100% certified sustainable palm oil from Malaysia.

All palm oil used in our vegetable oil blend is sourced from the Malaysian Peninsular, from land specifically used to produce palm oil. It is not an area experiencing deforestation and no orangutans are found in the wild on this peninsular.

Ingredients for Flavour


Whether mixed in before baking or sprinkled on top of the cracker, we only use local, naturally dried sea salt in all our Jatz and Savoy crackers.


A small amount of Asutralian cane sugar is added to both Jatz and Savoy for overall balance of flavour.

Malt Extract and Golden Syrup

Malt extract is used for sweetness and improves the flavour of crackers. It is made from barley and has an appearance similar to honey. In Savoy, we also use golden syrup to help achieve the desired flavour.


Jatz Cracked Pepper is made with black pepper imported from India.

Ingredients for Texture

Image 10 whiskYeast

Yeast is used to leaven the crackers and is sourced from China.

Baking Soda or Raising Agent 2500

When mixed in the dough, baking soda allows Jatz and Savoy to rise and become light and crispy when baked.

Antioxidants: E307B and E304

Antioxidants are used in small amounts to help maintain the freshness of biscuits and other foods.

Antioxidant E307B is a type of Vitamin E, also known as mixed tocopherol. It is derived from non-genetically modified soybean oil. Antioxidant E304, also known as ascorbyl palmitate, is made from vitamin C and palm oil.

Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin

This is used to help blend ingredients together. Lecithin, also known as E322, is a natural ingredient derived from non-genetically modified soybeans.

Other Important Things to Know

Health Star Rating 2.5

Health Star Rating

Jatz Original has 2.5 stars and Savoy Original has 2 stars.  Jatz Light and Savoy Light both have 3.5 stars. Jatz Cracked Pepper and Savoy Cracked Pepper both have 2 stars.  Jatz Clix has a softer, melt-in-your-mouth texture and has 1.5 stars.

aaaaaaaaaaAustralian Made

Jatz and Savoy crackers are made in our bakeries in New South Wales and Queensland.


At Arnott’s, we are committed to ensuring products made in our Australian bakeries do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

For example, we work with suppliers to ensure our canola oil, corn and wheat comes from farms dedicated to growing non-genetically modified crops.


Our cardboard carton is made of 99.6% recycled material and fully recyclable. The plastic inner wrap is not suitable for household recycling bins. To recycle, we recommend using REDCycle collection bins at selected Coles and Woolworths stores.