Inside My Mint Slice

Key ingredients

Image 5 ChocolateChocolate

We are proud to make our own chocolate at our bakery in South Australia. The ingredients that go into our chocolate include:

Cocoa Liquor which is the most important ingredient in giving our chocolate taste. A portion of our cocoa liquor comes from West African beans which are certified UTZ.

Cocoa Butter is the fat extracted from the cocoa liquor. Cocoa butter is mixed with the other chocolate ingredients to give a smooth consistency and gives our chocolate that familiar melt-in- the-mouth texture. Our cocoa butter is produced in South East Asia.

Milk Solids including milk powder and butter oil give our semi-dark chocolate its distinctive balanced milky and bitter chocolate quality. All our milk ingredients are sourced from farms in Australia and New Zealand.

Image 6Sugar

Only cane sugar is used to make Arnott’s Chocolate Mint Slice. All the sugar we use is sourced within Australia.

Image 7 WheatWheat Flour

We use flour milled from wheat sourced from across Australia including the Darling Downs, Moree, the Riverina and South Australia.

Image 8  Vegetable OilVegetable oil

Arnott’s Chocolate Mint Slice is made using certified, sustainable palm oil from Malaysia. Arnott’s ANZ and our supplier are active members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). All palm oil used in our vegetable oil blend is sourced from the Malaysian Peninsular, from land specifically used to produce palm oil. It is not an area experiencing deforestation and no orangutans are found wild on this Peninsular.


Peppermint Oil

We use natural peppermint oil to give Arnott’s Chocolate Mint Slice its distinctive mint flavour.

Ingredients for texture

Emulsifiers: Soy Lecithin and E476

We use these to help blend ingredients together and form a smooth and even chocolate coating.

Lecithin, also known as E322 is a natural emulsifier derived from non-GMO soy beans.

E476 or Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate, also known as PGPR, is derived from castor bean oil.

Baking Soda or Raising Agent E500

When mixed with dough, baking powder allows our biscuits to rise and become light and crispy in texture when baked.

Ingredients for Flavour


Arnott’s Chocolate Mint Slice uses a combination of natural and artificial flavours.

1- Natural flavours are extracted or derived from natural sources, such as plants, dairy and proteins.

2- Artificial flavours are made from highly purified organic chemicals carefully blended by expert flavourists.

Ingredients for Colour

Baker’s Caramel or Colour Caramel 150c is derived from burnt sugar and is used to enhance the colour of the biscuit.

Other Important things to know

HSRHealth Star Rating

Arnott’s Chocolate Mint Slice achieves a half star score on the health star rating system, due to its combination of chocolate, cream filling and sweet biscuit ingredients. Treats may be enjoyed in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet.


At Arnott’s, we are committed to ensuring the products made in our Australian bakeries do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

For example, we work with our suppliers to ensure all the canola oil, corn and wheat we buy comes from farms dedicated to growing non-genetically modified crops.


The tray we use is fully recyclable and we encourage you to please recycle after use.

The plastic wrapping we use is not suitable for household recycling bins. To recycle, we recommend using REDCycle collection bins at selected Coles and Woolworths stores.