Inside my Shapes

Arnott’s Shapes come in a variety of delicious flavours.  Currently we have 9 different flavours on the market from our long-time original favourite flavours like Pizza, Barbecue and Chicken Crimpy to our fantastic new Vegemite and Cheese flavour launched in early 2019.

Key Ingredients

Image 7 WheatWheat Flour

We use flour milled from wheat sourced across Australia, including the Darling Downs, Liverpool Plains, Riverina and South Australia.


Cornflour is derived from maize. It is blended with the flour to improve processing. We use a variety of sources, including France and Hungary.

image 13 canola oilVegetable Oil

We use a combination of locally grown non-genetically modified canola oil together with 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) from Malaysia.

All palm oil in our vegetable oil blend is sourced from the Malaysian Peninsular, from land which is specifically used to produce palm oil. It is not an area experiencing deforestation and no orangutans are found in the wild on this peninsular.

Ingredients for flavour


Whether mixed in before baking or sprinkled on top of the cracker, we use naturally dried sea salt in all our plain and flavoured crackers.

Image 6Sugar

A small amount of Australian cane sugar is added to Shapes to assist with baking and flavour. In some Shapes, glucose is used as an alternative to cane sugar.

SpicesHerbs, Spice & Vegetables

Dry herbs and spices such as parsley flakes, pepper, mustard and cayenne pepper are sourced internationally from countries including New Zealand, Canada, India and China.

Onion, garlic and tomato are added to the cracker for flavour. They are sourced from countries including USA, China and Australia.


We use cheddar cheese in our Pizza, Cheddar, Nacho Cheese and Cheese & Bacon varieties, which is sourced from New Zealand.

Milk SolidsMilk Solids

Cheese flavours and seasonings contain milk solids. These are natural milk ingredients, such as whey and milk powder.

Image 10 whisk

Malt Extract

Malt extract is made from barley and has an appearance similar to honey. It helps with baking and flavour, and is present only in Chicken Crimpy.

Yeast Extract and Vegetable Protein Extracts

Yeast extract and vegetable protein extracts are similar to popular yeast-based spreads available in the supermarket. A small portion of these extracts are present in Shapes to help produce a moreish flavour.

Flavours and Flavour Enhancers

To give each Shapes variety its distinctive taste, we use flavours extracted or derived from natural sources, such as plants, dairy and other proteins.

In addition, we use flavour enhancers E621 (monosodium glutamate or MSG) and E635 (disodium ribonucleotides) across our Shapes.

In addition, we use flavour enhancers E621 (monosodium glutamate or MSG) and E635 (disodium ribonucleotides) across our Shapes range – with the exception of Pizza and Savoury, which do not contain flavour enhancers.

Ingredients for Texture

Baking PowderBaking Powder

When mixed into the dough, baking powder allows our crackers to rise and become light and crispy in texture when baked. Our baking powder does not contain aluminium.

Wooden SpatulaYeast

Yeast is used to leaven all our Shapes (except Chicken Crimpy) and is sourced from China.


Antioxidants are used in small amounts to help maintain the freshness of biscuits and other foods. In Shapes varieties, these include:

1- Antioxidant E307B or mixed tocopherol – a type of Vitamin E derived from non-genetically modified soy bean oil.
2- Antioxidant E304 or ascorbyl palmitate – made from vitamin C and palm oil.
3- Ascorbic Acid E300 – a type of vitamin C made from sugar.

Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin

This is used to help blend ingredients together. Lecithin, also known as E322, is a natural ingredient derived from non-genetically modified soy beans.

Ingredients for Colour


Shapes crackers and seasonings contain a small amount of natural colours to enhance their appearance:

1- Carmine or Cochineal E120 – a red colour derived from insects, commonly used in many commercially available foods.
2- Beet Red E162 – a colour derived from beetroot.
3- Copper Chlorophyll E141 – a green colour derived from the leaves of plants.
4- Paprika Extract E160c – an orange colour derived from paprika.
5- Caramel colour 150a – derived from burnt sugar.
6- Anthocyanins or E163 – a natural pigment derived from plants, including red grapes.

Wooden ForkOther Ingredients

Sesame Seeds

We add sesame seeds to Savoury Shapes for enhanced flavour. The sesame seeds are sourced and grown in Africa.

Worcestershire Sauce

This is sourced from Australia and added to Original Barbecue for additional flavour. Whilst some Worcestershire Sauce traditionally contains anchovies as an ingredient, the one we use contains none.


This is a derivative of maize starch and helps with flavour application. It is present in Cheese & Bacon and Chicken Crimpy Shapes.

Other Important things to know

Health Star Rating 2.5

Health Star Rating

Arnott’s Shapes have between 1.5 and 3 stars on the health star rating system.

Arnott’s Shapes achieve between 1.5 and 2.5 stars on the health star rating system

Wooden SpoonAustralian Made

All Shapes varieties are made in our bakeries in New South Wales and Queensland.


At Arnott’s, we are committed to ensuring products made in our Australian bakeries do not contain genetically modified ingredients. For example, we work with suppliers to ensure our canola oil, corn and wheat comes from farms dedicated to growing non-genetically modified crops.


Our cardboard cartons are made of 99.6% recycled material and are fully recyclable. Our plastic and foil wrapping is not suitable for household recycling bins. To recycle, we recommend using REDCycle collection bins at selected Coles and Woolworths stores.