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Tim Tams are Australia’s most loved chocolate biscuit. A unique combination of biscuit, cream filling and chocolate coating, it’s an everyday treat you want to share with friends and family.

Tim Tam Origins

The Tim Tam was created by an Australian man named Ian Norris. Norris set about experimenting with crème flavours and biscuit textures in 1958. Ross Arnott threw in the name Tim Tam in honour of that year’s Kentucky Derby winner. It took another 6 years of perfecting to get Tim Tam to market. By 1964 Tim Tams were being manufactured by Arnott’s in Australia and quickly gained popularity. 

“The whole success of Tim Tams, and why it is so good, is the flavour of the cream in combination with the chocolate and the biscuit,” he said. Ian Norris allegedly went to his grave without divulging the Tim Tam recipe to his family, with seven grandchildren this would have been a tough secret to keep!

What makes Tim Tam so popular is the 3 irresistible flavours – the biscuit, cream and chocolate. 

Tim Tam Today

In its homeland of Australia, over 670 million Tim Tams are made every year. Only 2% of Australians have never heard of Tim Tam and 1 in 2 households buy Tim Tam.

Arnott’s uses three types of chocolate to make Tim Tam biscuits. The chocolate is made at Arnott’s Adelaide site (Marleston) and transported to the Huntingwood Bakery in Sydney by road and railway. 

On average Arnott’s Huntingwood site uses around 20 tonnes of chocolate in 24 hours. Tim Tam Original biscuits are produced at around 3,000 biscuits per minute, approximately 60 biscuits per second. The Tim Tam process from mixing to packaging takes about 2 hours and the biscuits will travel almost a kilometre during the process.

Tim Tam Original is the best seller, closely followed by Double Coat

Tim Tam Slam

Our favourite way to enjoy a Tim Tam. Check out this link to see what the Tim Tam Slam is all about or take our quick and easy 30 second test for your very own personalised Tim Tam Slam recommendation


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