About Arnott’s

Arnott’s History

In 1865, a small bakery opened on Hunter St in Newcastle, NSW, north of Sydney. It supplied bread, pies and biscuits to the local people and to the crews of the many ships that docked at the port to load coal. From these humble beginnings rose a company whose name is now synonymous with Australia’s favourite biscuits.

Australian  Icon

Millions of Australians have grown up with Arnott’s over the past 150 years. For them, Arnott’s is more than a food company – it’s a piece of Australia’s history and a national icon. Arnott’s portfolio of brands includes household names like Tim Tam, Shapes, Iced VoVo, SAO, Vita-Weat, Salada and Tiny Teddy.

Industry Leaders

Arnott’s is one of the largest food companies in the Asia Pacific region. Our ongoing growth is supported by KKR’s investment in the business and our iconic brands. It is our goal to be the best food company in the region, making everyday moments a little more delicious.

Jobs for Australians

More than 50,000 Australians have worked with Arnott’s during the past century. Today, Arnott’s employs around 2,400 Australians across all States and Territories. We also employ several thousand people across the Asia Pacific region, in countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

Sourcing Australian ingredients

Each year, Arnott’s spends around $250 million on produce, products and services from Australian farmers and suppliers, including:

  • 85,000 tonnes of flour and grains from areas including the Darling Downs, Moree, Riverina and South Australia
  • 24,000 tonnes of sugar from Queensland and Northern NSW
  • 2,000 tonnes of dairy products from Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand
  • And 5,000 tonnes of canola oil sourced from canola crops from Western/Southern NSW and Northern Victoria

Over the past decade, Arnott’s has spent more than $3 billion purchasing raw ingredients and services from local farmers and businesses, fuelling the economy of rural and regional Australia.

Investment in Australian manufacturing

Since 1997, Arnott’s has invested more than $400 million in our Australian biscuit facilities, including $40m in a fully automated biscuit packing line at our Virginia Bakery, which is one of the largest robotic installations of its type in the world.

Going global

Arnott’s exports continue to grow, with our Australian-made biscuits now being shipped to more than 40 countries around the world including Japan, the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Tahiti and New Zealand.

Test your Arnott’s knowledge

No prizes – unless you want to treat yourself to a sneaky Tim Tam or Iced Vovo – but we’ve put this quick quiz together to test your knowledge about Arnott’s – do you know your biscuits, or not!!

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What charitable projects does the Arnott's Foundation support

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