Arnott’s launch new dessert inspired biscuit range, pairing iconic biscuits with Aussies’ favourite treats

Our baking experts at Arnott’s have been busy playing matchmaker, pairing some of our most iconic biscuits with Australia’s favourite desserts. The new range of biscuits includes Lamington flavoured Iced VoVo, Mud Cake flavoured Shortbread Cream, Salted Caramel Tart flavoured Scotch Finger, Black Forest Cake flavoured Monte Carlo and Tiramisu flavoured Shortbread Cream. These dessert-inspired sensations are available nationwide from the 24th of August.

Monte Carlo - Black Forest - This dessert inspired biscuit combines two classics indulgences, with the iconic Monte Carlo biscuit and Black Forest cake. Two decedent chocolate-flavoured biscuits surround an elegant piping of vanilla cream and sweet raspberry coating, combined to make one delicious creation.

Shortbread Cream - Tiramisu - A reimagined Shortbread Cream biscuit with flavours from the iconic Tiramisu. Two delicious chocolate infused shortbread biscuits filled with cocoa and roast coffee cream - two decadent flavours united into one delicious experience.

Iced VoVo – Lamington – This dessert inspired biscuit combines two icons with Iced VoVo and the famous Australian Lamington. The delicious biscuit base is topped covered with chocolate fondant and has a jammy raspberry topping – all sprinkled with coconut.

Shortbread Cream – Mud Cake – A reimagined Shortbread Cream biscuit with flavours from the iconic Chocolate Mud Cake. Two delicious chocolate infused shortbread biscuits filled with an elegant piping of deliciously smooth chocolate cream – combined to make one delicious creation.

Scotch Finger – Salted Caramel Tart – This new fusion of the original Scotch Finger pairs flavours from a decadent Salted Caramel Tart with the melt-in-the-mouth crumbliness and heavenly buttery taste of the Scotch Finger, with crunchy caramel chunks and a salty bite. Two icons united into one