Tim Tam Crafted Collection

At Arnott’s, we believe that the world is full of magical moments. Real magic, magic you can feel deep within your bones, isn’t always as make-believe as you might think. In fact, true magic, exists all around us.

It’s sharing something special with a dear friend. It’s helping a mate out of a tricky situation. It’s giving someone a reason to smile. Moments of togetherness, we believe, are true magic.

And what better way to inspire a bit of magical togetherness than with Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit… Arnott’s Tim Tam



Charlie the dog is on the same page as us. Which is why he selflessly gave away his final wish to his grateful owner, Max. 

With a penchant for digging for shiny chew-toys, Charlie accidentally stumbled upon an ancient genie lamp.



So, what happened? Out popped a genie, of course! A friendly, magical being, determined to deliver on all that is desired!



When confronted with the choice of having anything in the world, we can’t think of anything more magical, more irresistible, more indulgent then a never ending packet of Tim Tam! And neither can Charlie!

Our genie, conjured up four new Tim Tam flavours, featuring real ingredients sourced from divine locations across Australia & New Zealand.  

So, from the genie, to us, to you; savour the delectable salt flakes of the pristine Murray Darling, the sun-drenched oranges from the shores of Gisborne, the rich, woody flavours of Manuka honey and the vibrant sweetness of Sunshine Coast strawberries. 

It’s selflessness that brings us together. Share the magic with the NEW Tim Tam Crafted Collection. What more could you wish for?