Arnott’s Partners with Lion to Launch Two Irresistible New Biscuit Collaborations

Our baking experts have been at it again! This time taking two legends of the biscuit aisle and injecting a splash of inspiration from two of Australia’s favourite flavoured milks. Sure to make mouths water, the two brand new biscuits are Dare Iced Coffee Slice and Dairy Farmers Classic Chocolate Milk Tee Vee Snacks. Combining the best of both worlds, these milk inspired delights are big on flavour, taking cues from the drinks Aussies love and putting a unique Arnott’s twist on them. The end result? Biscuits so good you could drink them. Transforming two iconic biscuits for a limited time, these creations will be available in the biscuit aisle from mid-July. Whether you’re a casual snacker or a flavour fanatic, this is a biscuit event you won’t want to miss. Try them both before they disappear!

Dare Iced Coffee Slice

With the shape and texture of Arnott’s Mint Slice, this smooth milk chocolate biscuit is filled with delicious coffee cream inspired by Dare Iced Coffee. At first bite you’ll taste milk chocolate and a delicious blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, melded with creamy dairy notes and the crunch of the chocolate biscuit base. Two Aussie icons reimagined to create a modern classic.


Dairy Famers Classic Chocolate Milk Tee Vee Snacks

Bringing together Tee Vee Snacks and Dairy Famers Classic Chocolate Milk, these bottle-shaped beauties have a milk chocolate coating and a firm, crunchy bite. With sweet vanilla and cocoa notes, they finish with a splash of dairy creaminess and the lingering deliciousness of milk chocolate – this wave of flavour released with every crunchy bite.