Try the Vita-Weat range with Superfoods

Change up your lunch or snacking routine with Vita-Weat Ancient Grains and Seeds and supercharge your day! We’ve selected specific seeds and grains known for their dense concentration of nutrients. The result is richly nutritious crispbreads that help to sustain your energy throughout the day.

Ancient grains and seeds like chia, quinoa and flaxseed add to Vita-Weat’s already impressive nutritional benefits while giving delicious new flavours and textures.

Eaten by ancient Aztecs in Central America and a staple for the Roman legions in Europe, these grains and seeds have been nourishing humans for centuries. Increasingly popping up in specialty food stores and cafes, these nutrition powerhouses are the perfect addition to 100% natural Vita-Weat.

Vita-Weat Superfood Ancient Grains & Seeds with Quinoa & Chia


Quinoa originates from the Andes were it has long been regarded by the ancient Incas as being sacred. Considered a wholegrain, quinoa contains good quality carbohydrates which help provide energy for the body. Chia seeds are documented to have been eaten and used by the ancient Aztecs and are known for their dense concentration of nutrients, including fibre.

Vita-Weat Superfood 5 Super Seeds with Chia, Flaxseed, Pumpkin, Sesame & Poppy


We’ve carefully selected 5 super seeds that contain a variety of wonderful nutrients and perfectly combine for taste.

Flaxseed is a source of omega 3, pumpkin seeds are a source of dietary fibre, sesame contains beneficial monounsaturated fat and poppy seeds provide beneficial monounsaturated fat and fibre.

Vita-Weat Crispbreads are:

  • 100% natural
  • A source of fibre
  • Provide 40% of an adult’s daily wholegrain intake
  • Receive 4.5 stars health star rating
  • With all the essential nutrients of more than 101 wholegrains in every Vita-Weat crispbread

Vita-Weat Ancient Grains & Seeds is made with 100% wholegrains. Wholegrains are made up of 3 nutrient dense parts which contain essential nutrients which act together to help keep you at your best.

It’s no surprise that the new Vita-Weat range with Superfoods score 4 and a half health star rating. They are packed with wholegrains, provide a source of fibre and are low in saturated fat and sugar, making them a great choice at snack time to help sustain energy during the day.” Alison Baldwin, Nutritionist.