Privacy Policy


We collect personal information for our business and activities. We collect personal information when dealing with consumers, our business contacts and prospective employees. Consumer information is usually collected when consumers contact us or participate in our promotions and competitions.

The personal information we collect may include your name, date of birth, address and contact details, information relevant for promotions and competitions, and a record of any queries you have made. If you are seeking employment with us we may also collect information about your prior employment, education and your right to work in Australia.

You are not required to provide any personal information to us, but if you do not, we may not be able to deal with your query.

We use this personal information for our business and activities, and in our efforts to improve and grow our business. Examples include:

  • to confirm your identity;

  • to provide services and products to you, including dealing with any query or complaints;

  • to administer and manage promotions and competitions;

  • to promote and market products and services that we consider may be of interest to you, unless you tell us not to do so (e.g. online service providers we may user from time to time include Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook)

  • to evaluate our products and services and conduct consumer research;

  • for a business or professional relationship we may have with you;

  • to assess any application for employment you make; and

  • to amend records to delete personal information.



Depending on your contact with us, we may collect your personal information in different ways. Examples include:

  • directly from you when you contact us;

  • from information you provide to us or our agents and contractors in connection with a promotion or competition;

  • from our customers if you contact our customer and they refer your inquiry to us;

  • from third parties if it is not reasonable or practicable to collect the information from you;

  • from other people and organisations who might be representing you or assisting or representing us.



Like many companies, we use technology and tools that tell us when a computer or device has visited or accessed our content.

We notify you when we might or will collect personal information such as through entering a promotion or competition.

If we use your personal information to contact you and you would prefer not, please let us know and we will do our best to respect your preference.

When we send a marketing offer directly to you, we provide a way for you to opt out.



We use various systems and services to safeguard the personal information we store, as part of our business systems and processes.

Like many companies, these systems and services may include other parts of our wider company, or other people and organisations assisting us with services, located both in and outside Australia.

Your personal information may be held and processed overseas by our related companies or our service providers. Our parent company is headquartered in the United States and we have service providers and/or related companies there and in New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

When we pass on personal information to others or outside Australia, we take steps to ensure it is treated in the same way that we would treat it.

We delete or amend personal information that is no longer needed.

We also share with others and disclose information from which personal information has been removed so that no privacy is affected.

We sometimes have to pass on personal information for legal or safety reasons or other special circumstances.



You can ask for access to personal information we hold about you at any time, by contacting us at or 1800 24 24 92. We will respond as soon as we reasonably can, including if we are unable to provide you with access (such as when we no longer hold or use the information).

We do not impose any charge for a request for access, but we may charge you a reasonable fee for our costs associated with providing you with access and retrieval costs.

You should also contact us in the same way if you believe that any of the personal information we hold about you is out-of-date, incomplete or inaccurate and you wish to update or correct it, have it deleted, or to report any misuse of your personal information.

If you have a complaint about how use your personal information, you can send it by reaching out to us through the details provided on the Contact Us page. We aim to deal with any complaints under this Privacy Policy promptly.



If you have any questions about Arnotts and privacy, please contact us at or 1800 24 24 92. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or hear your concerns.

Last updated: January 2020