We love biscuits. As Australia’s leading maker of biscuits, we’re experts in this simple but versatile snack. We know that getting the biscuits out gets people coming together and talking.

For example, did you know, the word biscuit itself is derived from an old French word ‘bescuit’ (bih-skwee)? This word comes from a combination of the Latin words ‘bis’ meaning ‘twice’ and ‘coctus’ meaning ‘cooked’. Historically, biscuits were in fact ‘twice cooked’ – baked and then dried out in an oven. This would make them keep longer. On long sea voyages, long-lasting biscuits were seen as a great source of sustenance. Many early European settlers to this country would have been grateful for a plain biscuit to keep them going.

Also, did you know that most dictionaries define ‘biscuits’ as part of the bread and cake families of foods? Even though, you’ll clearly find them in their own aisle in your local supermarket. In general, biscuits use no yeast or other raising agent and are usually hard, crisp and flat. Unlike bread and cakes, biscuits generally soften over time.

There are all types of biscuits, but the basic recipe for biscuits of flour, butter and milk combined into a dough and baked is in general common to all biscuits. That delicious aroma and golden brown colour as it comes from the warmth of the oven is what’s at the heart of all tasty biscuits, whether your taste leans to savoury or sweet, whether you’re a chocolate fan, like it plain or look for something like a coconut or cream biscuit. And the same basic recipe of getting together with family, friends or colleagues to have a good chat over a biscuit is what makes this iconic product such a firm favourite across homes and workplaces all over Australia and New Zealand.

Click here for a quick link to one of our favourite biscuits, the incomparable Tim Tam.