Some say there is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate. If there is one word that is sure to put a smile on our face, it has to be ‘chocolate’. This amazing ingredient comes from roasted and ground cacao seeds which surprise many people with their bitter taste. Its only in the chocolate production process where sugar is usually added that chocolate gets it’s sweet taste.

Everyone has their own favourite type of chocolate with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate being long-time best sellers. There’s even a growing trend towards exciting new flavours like ruby chocolate and pink chocolate. Such a versatile ingredient, it’s no wonder chocolate generates such love in the world of snacking. We bet if you are not a chocoholic, you definitely know one!

What you might not know though is the history of chocolate. The earliest signs of chocolate in use date back to Mexico in 1900BC. In fact the word chocolate derives from the Classical Nahuatl language used at that time.

Some 4,000 years later, and it’s now a central part of so many indulgent treats. As a delicious ingredient, it transforms so many products from just tasty to delicious. For Arnott’s, it’s all about the chocolate biscuit obviously, but chocolate also transforms so many other treats. Add the word chocolate to cake, brownies or mousse for example and feel your taste buds start to salivate.

So whether you’re looking at an every day treat, or for a celebration at Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, there’s no doubt that chocolate adds to any snack. That’s why we include it in many of our biscuits. And that’s why we know it is so popular with so many of our chocoholic customers – the supermarket shopping basket never lies.

After more than 50 years, Tim Tams are still Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit. If you want even more chocolate treats, we’ve created a new range of indulgent chocolate blocks and bars – filled with delicious biscuit bits. Discover your new favourite treat today!