We’re just plain crackers about cracker biscuits. This simple baked biscuit just works in so many different occasions. We all have our favourite type of cracker, be it a water cracker, a cream cracker, a cheese cracker or a whole grain cracker. That crunchy base is always a great addition to any entertaining or snacking plate.

There’s the classic cheese and cracker combination, with that crunchy cracker and a soft tangy cheese creating a yummy taste sensation. And if you want to push it even more, umami rich foods like prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes or olives make a great addition. Or why not try sweet dried fruits like apricots or cranberries to add a little inspiration to your snack?

Crackers are a great addition to any party table – whether it’s a family celebration like a birthday or an engagement. Or if you are looking for a more informal appetizer or finger food, crackers should be high on your shopping list. Crackers are a welcome guest at all occasions.

Because crackers are often lower in calories than other biscuits – they are usually thinner and unsweetened – they make a great choice when looking for a healthy snack idea. So, whether you are looking to satisfy those lunchtime cravings or to keep you going in the afternoon, think crackers!  Simple, easy and convenient, they make a great staple ingredient to have in the pantry. Why not throw a packet or two in the trolley on the next trip to the supermarket?

Click here for a quick link to our favourites Jatz and Savoy .Just don’t ask us to choose between the two!