Crispbread is a light type of cracker which can make a crunchy healthy base to any snack. As a food product, the origins of crispbread date back to Sweden in around 500AD. Crispbread is still really popular in Nordic and Northern European diets to this day. Historically, crispbread is baked from wholemeal rye flour with salt and water. Rye, which is a type of grain, is known for its many health benefits. It is harder to refine than wheat, so it typically retains more of its nutrients.

However, these days there is much more choice in crispbreads. A visit to your local supermarket aisle will help you find a choice of crispbreads made with wheat flour, spices or grains. Crispbread is a great pantry addition and should be a regular part of your shopping list. It is long-lasting and can be combined with a large variety of other ingredients.

Our favourite toppings with crispbread include avocado, hummus, mozzarella, tomato, goat’s cheese or feta, though maybe not all at once. It’s really down to your own taste preferences and what your healthy eating goals are. And if you are following a specific diet to lose weight or improve your health, crispbreads are a great healthy option to consider. Crispbreads are typically low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in dietary fibre.

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