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Arnott's Gluten Free Biscuits and Snacks Range

What are Arnott's Gluten Free Biscuits?

Biscuits that don’t compromise on taste for the millions of Australians who actively avoid gluten

While Australia’s appetite for gluten free snacks continues to increase, many consumers have found themselves in the unlucky position of settling for second-rate snacks that don’t taste great. We have stepped in to solve that issue with a gluten free range that delivers on quality and tastes great? Arnott's is proud to now boast a range of 6 Gluten Free favourites, letting all more Australian's indulge in delicious moments.

We have worked closely with Coeliac Australia to ensure the biscuits meet the strict requirements of their endorsement program, and the Coeliac Australia endorsement logo will feature on the pack.

What are Arnott's Gluten Free Biscuits made of?

The new range is made in Australia with a Gluten Free flour blend, made from maize, tapioca, rice, sorghum, and soy.

All six biscuits were developed to the exacting taste specifications of Arnott’s culinary team. And great care was taken to achieve a delicious flavour and texture, like the lush cream in Shortbread Cream, or the choc mint melting moment of Mint Slice.

Discover the Arnott's Gluten Free Range:

Gluten Free Shortbread Cream

Gluten Free Shortbread Cream is filled with a deliciously smooth cream, sandwiched between two buttery vanilla shortbreads. This gluten free version of an Aussie classic is perfect with a cup of tea and shared with loved ones.

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Image of Arnott's Gluten Free Shortbread Cream with a cup of tea

Tiny Teddy

Tiny Teddy are a childhood favourite of many Australians and can now be enjoyed by gluten avoiders. The golden baked biscuits have a crunchy bite and real milk chocolate chips baked throughout.

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Gluten Free Tiny Teddy and Gluten Free Teevee Snacks with lunchbox

Gluten Free Teevee Snacks Original

Gluten Free TeeVee Snacks Original are the perfect bite-sized snack, coated in a tasty layer of dark chocolate. Perfect to share with friends and family, and now made gluten free for a tasty and fun treat.

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Choc Ripple

For a decadent snacking experience, the Gluten Free Choc Ripple delivers big time. The sweet biscuit has a rich cocoa flavour, the perfect crunch, and a melt in your mouth sensation.

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Scotch Finger

Scotch Finger is one of Australia’s favourite biscuits. The Gluten Free version has a buttery, sweet base, with a hint of vanilla in a biscuit that still “snaps” for sharing.

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Image of Gluten Free Mint Slice and Gluten Free Scotch Finger with entertaining board

Gluten Free Mint Slice

Arnott’s Gluten Free Mint Slice has a layer of cream and coated in delectable chocolate- perfectly balanced to create a delicious mint chocolate biscuit. Enjoyable on its own or with a cuppa, this tasty biscuit is now made gluten free so that even more Aussies can enjoy a tasty treat.

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Bake with Arnott's Gluten Free Biscuits

Whether you're Coeliac, or just watching what you eat, our range of gluten free biscuits are the perfect baking companions.

Our gluten free recipes don't compromise on taste, and will be loved by everyone. Whether it's Cheesecake, Choc Ripple cake or even Parfait you're after, Arnott's has a recipe that you can enjoy?

Find out more about our Gluten Free range

Discover our Amazing Gluten Free Recipes

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