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Arnott's Tim Tam: The British Collection

We heard the news. Britain is craving more of our legendary Tim Tam biscuits and we can’t blame them, they’re irresistible! So, in the spirit of friendly cross-cultural collaboration, we decided to create a few concept flavours to daydream about. We took culinary icons that are as British as Big Ben and made them a little more…Tim Tam.

Bangers & Mash

Get a cracking start to your day with the deliciously savoury Bangers & Mash Tim Tam! Sink your teeth into the fluffy mash potato filling coated in a smoky sausage meat reduction – yum. We reckon these bikkies are set to become a fixture of every British brekkie!

Scotch Egg

Take your taste buds on a tour of the best gastropubs in Britain by savouring the Scotch Egg Tim Tam. Bite into a fried breadcrumb glaze and taste a hard-boiled egg yolk sitting happily between two sausage meat patties – delicious!

Fish & Chips

Shall we take a stroll along the pier? Blanketed with a salted potato casing, the Fish & Chip Tim Tam showcase a pureed fish filling cured to perfection in vinegar. Watch out! Those eagle-eyed seagulls are ready to swoop for a taste of this seaside snack.

Scones & Cream

It’s time for a proper English tea, don’t you think? Fit for any sweet tooth, the Scones & Cream Tim Tam are a timeless treat crafted with a gooey jam centre and two scone biscuits veiled in a strawberry cream coating. Yes please! *turns kettle on*

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Which one of our British Collection flavours do you like the most? Do you think they’re gross? Do you think they’re amazing? Or, do you have another suggestion for another British flavour?

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