Introducing New Arnott's Bluey Biscuits

Wackadoo! Arnott’s is taking wholesome lunchbox fun to a whole new level, with new Arnott’s Bluey Biscuits hitting supermarket shelves from this week.

New Arnott’s Bluey Biscuits will bring iconic characters Bluey and Bingo — from Australia’s number one kids show, Bluey — to life in a way never experienced before: in biscuit form! Arnott’s has partnered with BBC Studios, co-commissioner and global distributor of Bluey, on the exciting range.

With an impressive Health Star Rating (HSR) of 4 (Cheese; Pizza), and 3.5 (Honey & Oat), the nutritious range has been cleverly crafted to be equal parts tasty, wholesome, and fun.

The Arnott’s Bluey Biscuit range is launching in three sensational flavours:

Honey & Oat: These soft, golden-baked biscuits shaped as Bluey and Bingo are sure to be a welcome addition to the lunchbox mix. The delectable combination of honey, vanilla and oats is the ideal sweetener for morning or afternoon tea.

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Cheese: Bound to make you say, ‘Cheese and Crackers’, these delectable mild cheese-flavoured biscuits feature Bluey and Bingo and offer the perfect amount of crunch.

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Pizza: These crunchy baked biscuits are sure to hit the spot with any pizza fan. Bringing together the classic flavours of tomato, herbs, and mild onion, they’re stamped with Bluey and Bingo.

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Bake With Bluey!

Looking for something for your next Birthday Party or get together. Why not try our delicious Bluey cakes!

Arnott's Bluey Carrot Cupcakes


Arnott's Bluey Birthday Banana Cake


Activity Time!

Hey, kiddos. Grab a mate and get ready to play! How to play

  1. 1. Turn over your pack of Arnott's Bluey Biscuits, or open the below attachments in a new tab and print!

  2. 2. Ask a grown-up to help you cut out the cards along the dashed lines.

  3. 3. Spread out the cards face down on a flat surface.

  4. 4. Take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If the cards have the same picture, they are yours and you get another turn. If they don't match, turn them back over (but remember where they are!)

  5. 5. Take turns until there are no cards left. If you have the most pairs at the end, you win. Hooray!

Repeat with different game cards!

Game Cards

Honey and Oat