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Nutrition & Wellness


As part of our promise to consumers, Arnott’s has committed to the following Nutrition Principles. These Nutrition Principles are the baseline from which we plan all of our research and development, manufacturing, packaging and advertising.



  • A balanced lifestyle incorporating diet and exercise is key to overall wellbeing

  • Food is important for both emotional wellbeing and physical health

  • Eating a wide variety of foods from all the food groups is important for achieving dietary balance

  • All foods and snacks can fit in a balanced diet. As is widely recognised by the dietetics community, there are no good and bad foods, just good and bad diets

  • Food labels may help consumers make more informed decisions about the role of products in their diet

  • Consumer education about the overall role our products play in the diet, and appropriate portion sizes, is key to achieving dietary balance.



  • Continue to produce a wide variety of products, all of which contribute to physical wellbeing and add to the enjoyment of eating

  • Label our products in a way that is clear, consistent, and committed to providing the consumer with the most accurate information to aid decision making

  • Continue to ensure our products are in appropriate portion sizes in line with Australian Government Regulations and the ‘Australian Guide to Healthy Eating’

  • Conduct ongoing proactive reviews of key areas of public health concern, and take these into consideration when making product changes, developing new products or communicating with our customers

  • Ensure our products are always marketed to children responsibly through our commitment to the AFGC Responsible Marketing to Children Initiative

  • Engage and educate customers on how to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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