Hero Image Recipe Article - Arnott's New, Game-Changing Bite Sized Treat


Arnott's New, Game-Changing Bite Sized Treat

Introducing Arnott’s Treatles. Small, crispy, chocolatey bites available exclusively at Coles and Independent retailers in four tantilising flavours – Double Chocolate, Caramel, Neapolitan, and Mint.  

Arriving in the biscuit aisle in early May, Treatles are the perfect answer for when those sweet cravings hit. The deliciously layered bites combine all your favourite elements of a biscuit and chocolate in one, perfect bite. Aussies will indulge by biting through a smooth chocolate layer, drizzled with even more chocolate, to discover the wonderfully light texture of a crispy wafer filled with a delicious, soft cream centre in one of the four available flavours. 

Discover the full range of Arnott's Treatles here.

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