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Ice Vo Vo Chritmas House

Go all out this Christmas with our charming Arnott’s Iced Vo Vo Christmas House – the perfect showstopper for your Christmas table. It takes a bit of time, but the results are worth it. The key to successful assembly is to use good quality melts that set well and to be generous when piping. It's helpful to have an extra set of hands when building your house.





  • Servings:Makes 1 House
  • Occasion:Entertaining, Dessert
  • Preparation Time:30 Mins

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Iced VoVo

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  • Piping bag
  • Desiccated coconut
  • 4 x Arnott’s Raspberry shortcake biscuits
  • 200g white melts
  • 2 x packs Arnott’s Iced Vo Vo Biscuits


Step 1
Prep: Line a tray with baking paper. Place melts in a medium microwave safe bowl. Heat on medium power in 30 second bursts until melted and smooth.
Step 2
To start you need to make the individual pieces: 2 x roof panels (each panel is 1 row of 4 biscuits), 2 x front and back walls (each wall is 2 rows of 2 biscuits), 2 x sides walls (each side wall is 2 rows of 3 biscuits).
Step 3
Roof panels To make the roof panels lay out two rows of four biscuits and pipe chocolate in between each biscuit to connect them. Put aside to set.
Step 4
Walls: To make the walls of the house you’ll need 20 biscuits.
Step 5
Side walls – Lay out two rows of three biscuits and pipe chocolate in between each biscuit to connect them.
Step 6
Front and back: Lay out two rows of two biscuits and pipe chocolate in between each biscuit to connect them.
Step 7
Step 1 Once all your panels are set, it is time to build the house. To start pipe chocolate melts in an “L” shape on your board of choice.
Step 8
Place the edge of one of your side walls and the front wall on the chocolate so they create a corner. Make sure both sides are the same height – each side should be two biscuits high.
Step 9
Hold the walls in place and pipe chocolate in the join to attach together. Hold until set. Repeat the same process with the remains walls and pipe generously in each join to attach all four walls.
Step 10
Allow (time) for the base structure to set.
Step 11
Pipe chocolate along the top of the walls and attach the roof panels –joining to form a pitch. There will be some biscuit overhang on both ends. Pipe chocolate generously along the top.
Step 12
Tip: Don’t worry too much about neatness here as drips can give the effect of snow and icicles.
Step 13
Take a single Iced Vo Vo biscuit and pipe chocolate along the long edge. Attach at 45-degree angle to the front of the house to create a door. Hold until set.
Step 14
Pipe chocolate on the back of four Raspberry Shortcake biscuits. Press the biscuits onto the front, sides and back of the house to create windows. Hold until set.
Step 15
Sprinkle with desiccated coconut and decorate as desired.
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