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Arnott's Scotch Finger House

Unleash your creativity and taste buds with Arnott's Scotch Finger House! Construct a charming edible house using Scotch Finger biscuits, then decorate it with an assortment of delightful Arnott's products. A fun-filled activity for all ages, it's the perfect way to enjoy tasty moments with loved ones





  • Servings:6-8
  • Occasion:Entertaining
  • Cooking Time:0 min
  • Preparation Time:30 mins
  • Chill Time:0 min

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Scotch Finger

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  • 250g Arnott's Scotch Finger Biscuits
  • 200g Milk Chocolate Melts
  • Arnott’s Tiny Teddy’s, 100 & 1000’s and/or Tina Wafers to decorate.


Step 1
Place melts in a medium bowl and microwave on medium heat for 30 second intervals until melted and smooth. Line a tray with baking paper.
Step 2
To make the roof of the large house place 2 lots of 2 biscuits side by side. Dip the long side of the biscuit into the melted chocolate. Join 2 biscuits side by side.
Step 3
Use a spoon or flat-bladed knife to add more chocolate where they join and to smooth. Set aside to set.
Step 4
To make the walls of the house you need 4 biscuits. Dip 1 short end and 1 longer side of 1 biscuit into the melts, place on tray, dip 1 long end of another biscuit in melts and join them together to form a L-shape.
Step 5
Using a third biscuit, dip 1 short end and the long side into melts and attach to the L-shape to create a U-shape.
Step 6
Using a flat-bladed knife, spread melts on the 2 short ends of the U-shape.
Step 7
With the remaining biscuit, dip the long end in and attach to create a rectangular base. Once the base and roof are set, place roof over the base and spoon over more melts to help join it all together.
Step 8
Decorate with delicious Arnott’s products! E.g., Tiny Teddy’s, 100 & 1000’s and Tina Wafers.
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