Chef Ness' Top Ten Recipes of 2022

Chef Ness' scrumptious recipes have brought joy to our kitchens (and stomachs!) for another whole year. While they're all delicious, here are your top recipes from 2022.

1. Arnott's Scotch Finger Lemon Tart

With a tangy lemon curd filling and buttery pastry, this is a melt-in-your mouth dessert. This recipe uses our Scotch Finger biscuits as the tart base, saving you time without sacrificing the buttery goodness of the classic Lemon tart crust.

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2. Tim Tam Fudge Slice

With only five ingredients and 15 minutes of prep, our easy Tim Tam fudge slice recipe uses our iconic Tim Tam chocolate biscuits to create the ultimate indulgent treat. Better yet, no baking is required - just set and forget in your fridge! Chocolatey, fudgy and absolutely decadent, this dessert is sure to please any sweet-tooth!

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3. Tim Tam Balls

Craving a quick and easy dessert? Try out no-bake Tim Tam balls today! This indulgent bite-sized snack will satisfy your tastebuds with none of the fuss. Feel free to substitute Tim Tam Original with your favourite Tim Tam flavour!

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4. Milk Arrowroot and Passionfruit Slice

A creamy passionfruit slice made with Arnott's Milk Arrowroot biscuits as a base and sweet condensed milk. It's the perfect, zesty dessert! Ony 15 minutes of prep time needed to make this delicious slice - quick and easy!

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5. Milk Arrowroot No Bake Lemon Cheesecake Slice

Looking for a deliciously simple dessert to please your guests? Our no-bake Milk Arrowroot Lemon Cheesecake Slice recipe is guaranteed to impress! Take a quick and easy shortcut to by using our Milk Arrowroot biscuits as a base to pair with this sensational lemon cheesecake filling! Add lemon rind for that extra zest!

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6. Vanilla Sao Slice

A true Aussie favourite, the humble Vanilla Slice is made better with the delicious crunch and taste of Arnott's Sao Biscuits. A twist of passionfruit brings a delicious fruity taste for a tasty summer snack.

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7. Marie Chocolate Milk Cake

Impress your friends and family with our no-bake Arnott's Marie Chocolate Milk Cake. Soaked in chocolate milk, our delicious Arnott's Marie biscuits deliver a moist, sweet flavour with minimal prep involved. Perfect for a birthday, party or a casual get-together, this dessert is seriously addictive!

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8. Choc Ripple Cake

Desserts don’t need to be complicated to be impressive and our Arnott's Choc Ripple Wreath Cake is proof! Starring our very own Choc Ripple bikkies as its hero, this recipe only uses TWO other ingredients – whipped cream and juicy berries to serve – making it a deceptively simple treat with minimal effort involved.

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9. Milk Arrowroot Lemon Slice

Our no-bake Milk Arrowroot Lemon Slice recipe is guaranteed to please the pickiest of eaters! With the perfect Milk Arrowroot and coconut base, topped with creamy lemon icing, you'll be wanting more!

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10. Butternut Snap Mango Cheesecake Tart

Capture the taste of summer with our fuss-free Arnott’s Butternut Snap Mango Cheesecake Tart! The crunchy Butternut Snap base can be assembled in minutes and the tropical tang of mango and coconut is the perfect accompaniment for lunches spent in the sun.