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Top 10 Christmas Recipes

Get into the festive spirit with our top 10 delightful Christmas recipe ideas. From a classic cheesecake base to adorable gingerbread reindeer to the perfectly indulgent rocky road. We have the easiest and yummiest festive food ideas that’ll impress your family and friends this Christmas season.

Caramel Slice Dessert recipe

1. Scotch Finger Caramel Slice

Calling all Scotch Finger lovers! You can't go past this delicious Caramel Slice recipe. Featuring a symphony of caramel, buttery biscuits, and chocolate bliss.

Choc Ripple Christmas Cake

2. Choc Ripple Cake

Looking for a simple and easy Christmas recipe? Well, try this deliciously tasty Choc Ripple Christmas cake.

Christmas Truffles

3. Kingston Christmas Truffles

A heavenly late-night Christmas treat. With only 4 ingredients, these Kingston Christmas Truffles are the ultimate convenient delight.

Gingerbread Reindeers Christmas Dessert

4. Milk Arrowroot Gingerbread Reindeers

Indulge in festive Milk Arrowroot Gingerbread Reindeers that will be loved by both kids and adults.

 Easy Christmas dessert recipe

5. Wagon Wheels Eton Mess

With luscious layers of mascarpone cream, crumbled biscuit and fruit, this make-ahead-of-time Wagon Wheels Eton Mess will be a truly tempting Christmas dessert for any guest.

Christmas Rocky Road recipe

6. Scotch Finger Rocky Road

Scotch Finger biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows, pistachios, cranberries and coconut. What's not to love about this easy rocky road recipe? The perfect dessert or take-home prezzie for your guests this festive season.

Tasty Cheesecake recipe

7. Scotch Finger Cheesecake Base

A classic entertaining staple. Create the ultimate Scotch Finger biscuit base for your cheesecake masterpiece. Crushed Scotch Finger biscuits blended with melted butter – it's sure to be a dessert highlight.

Scotch Finger Cookie Butter Christmas Recipe

8. Scotch Finger and Cinnamon Spread 

The perfect blend of buttery goodness and a delightful twist of sweet and spicy cinnamon. A simple pleasure that’s sure to hit the spot over this festive season.

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9. Lemon Crisp Ice Cream Sandwich

A refreshing twist on the classic ice cream sandwich. This tangy Lemon Crisp Sorbet Sandwich is the perfect cool-down treat on a warm summer’s day.

Clix Cream Cheese Balls Recipe

10. Clix Cream Cheese Balls

Looking for a quick and easy finger food recipe this festive season? You can't go past these super creamy Clix Cream Cheese Balls.

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